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Woman with a smiling baby Learn more about chiropractic health from our chiropractic experts at Johnston Chiropractic Health Center in Gainesville, FL and live a more productive and fulfilling life with our holistic healing that helps you achieve your optimum natural health potential.

About Chiropractic Health

To understand the role of Chiropractic, you must first understand that the body ultimately must heal itself...and it can. But the stresses of everyday life (physical, chemical and emotional stress) can take their toll on the body. Vertebral Subluxations (VSC) can result from stress the body cannot handle. VSC interferes with the body's ability to heal itself. The spinal adjustments you receive at Johnston Chiropractic Health Center will work to restore and maintain your optimal level of health by eliminating Vertebral Subluxations.

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See Our frequently asked questions and find the information you need for your chiropractic health issues.