I am grateful to Dr. Johnston… ~Emberly

“I am grateful to Dr. Johnston and his staff for giving me back my ability to walk without pain! Mid-June 2006, following a day of ladder climbing with shingles to repair the roof of my house, I found I could hardly walk with severe pain in my left leg.

In 2006, I got an early birthday present…my health back! In what seemed like a never ending battle with many painful symptoms, I had all but assumed this was just the way I was to live my life.  I am 31 and I remember awaking one Thanksgiving morning and my jaw was completely locked. I found I had temporomandibular joint syndrome…the pain had only begun when I was 16. I was raised a sick child: my immune system was always on guard and my body always sore and the doctors from a young age of 11 through 31 allowed me to believe I was a hypochondriac – the doctors’ version of a victim of my own mind, my version of the pain – I felt like a victim of my own body. The doctors could find nothing. I knew I was not going crazy. This pain so long I held onto was wearing me down. I experienced major depression, stomach aches so nauseating every morning, noon and night. I wished I was normal; I wished just one day to wake up without pain; I wanted to be normal like everyone else.

Other symptoms were constipation, lower and mid back pain, upper shoulder pain, kidney problems, 100% all day every day nausea, headaches often, very low self-esteem, problems gaining weight, ear aches, swollen throat glands.

I started visiting a chiropractor at the age of 21. For 10 years, on and off visits brought me no relief. I was giving up. I woke up crying one day and said to my partner – I am tired and want out of this trapped body; I want my mind free of worry and my body free of pain; I don’t want kids; I don’t want a job; I don’t want medicine; I don’t want to be here anymore; I just want to forever lay in bed. That may sound good to some folks but to the ones that suffer you know that is handing your life over to the pain, not being lazy. And I have been called lazy from lack of activity to pain. My partner said calmly, “Well we are getting married this year and I do want kids and to work and to live, so together we will fix this. Now do you think you can go to my chiropractor’s office?” (He had been trying for 2 years to get me to go to this doctor that saved HIS life from pain), I thought his pain couldn’t possibly be as bad as mine. That is how people living with pain feel – like no one understands. I found myself now adding selfish to my symptom list. “Instead of feeling sorry for your pain poke back at it,” he said with a smile, “My doctor loves to heal and get that pain out. THAT is HIS Joy!”

I visited Dr. Johnston (funny – he was the only doctor to take x-rays). I walked into his office, mind and body shut down, with only attitude. Dr. Johnston and staff fixed my spirit to already feel better. I thought “ok, I will be positive for them.”

I walked out of his office 2 hours later and was so shocked at the immediate relief. I wanted no one to touch me… this couldn’t possibly last! I felt so good I had not yet realized the pain I disliked the most was completely gone – my nausea. The nausea was the worst on my mind pain. It held me back, feeling I was not normal.

I have gained 5 pounds in the past 2 months (when I couldn’t eat before). I get up 1, maybe 2 times to go to the bathroom – before it was 5 – 8 times. I have only had 1 headache, my body, mind, spirit soar into a world where I feel FREE. I felt like a kid and I could not stop smiling. I felt so good I can only thank Dr. Johnston. I feel I owe him so much more but knowing him, that is his return gift – my health. Dr. Johnston has this smile and warmth that is part of his gift of healing and his staff are little angels working overtime to make sure everyone can be seen and given the proper attention.

I can only hope if you or someone you know suffers with pain in the mind, body or both, please try Dr. Johnston. Your pain will not like him and his mission is to make sure of that. You will feel peaceful, just give yourself a chance to live again, never give up! I now regularly look forward even with no pain to going to see Dr. Johnston.”

Yours truly,


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Working for the greater good… ~Love, Gloria

“Working for the greater good and health of our families, friends and community.  Seeing smiling faces and hearing positive testimonials after successful adjustments and treatment plans. Learning about how to be healthy and live better with a lot of laughter and jokes in-between.  Receiving a weekly adjustment for wellness and corrective care is definitely a highlight. Moments like these are common while working at Johnston Chiropractic Health Center.  True story just this past week – a mother of 3, while her husband was out of town for work, acutely injured her back and was in a debilitating state. She came in for care and with her youngest by her side helping her with every painful step this first visit took place including ice therapy, x-rays, palpation, electronic spine diagnosis and finally a careful loving spinal adjustment. Her pain level and ease of getting back into her daily routine got better with each visit. Now after her fifth visit, only a week and a day later she is back to “herself” and says with much excitement “Today, I woke up with no pain!” Oh the joys of helping people and working with Dr. J.J. Johnston, Susan, Erin and MJ.”

Thanks Again

Love, Gloria

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Dr. J’s office: You are the “best”… ~Judy

“Dr. J’s office: You are the “best” I’ve never been in an office so filled with joy and genuine concern ever before, and I truly enjoy my visits and look forward to every one of them.”


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Dr. J saved my wedding day… ~Lisa R

“Dr. J saved my wedding day and I will never forget it!  On the afternoon of May 12, 2007, I was sitting in my wedding dress waiting to walk down the aisle.  I was sitting because, while taking some of the photos, my back began to hurt, I began to feel light headed and my stomach was not feeling right and it was more than nerves…


I tried eating something and that didn’t help.  I drank some water and still nothing and I prayed.  Dr. J has become a good friend of mine and was invited to the wedding to join us in our celebration.  As a last resort, I asked my sister to please go find him and see if he would adjust me so I can walk down the aisle.  He graciously came back and adjusted me right there in the church…and my headache and stomach ache were gone!  If it weren’t for Dr. J., I don’t think I wouldn’t have been able to stand very long at my wedding.  Thank you so much Dr. J! I am eternally grateful to you!”

– Lisa R

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I am 50 years old… ~Mitch

“I am 50 years old and never been to a chiropractor. My wife came to see Dr. Johnston and I came too. Because of previous back injury and 2 surgeries, I thought I would need more surgery. After my visit with Dr. Johnston, I am going to be able to avoid immediate and hopefully future surgery.”

– Mitch

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I drug the leg for a week before… ~Billy S

“I drug the leg for a week before calling for help – I found ease of pain and re-use of my left leg within 3 or 4 visits to Dr. Johnston. For a time, frequently having adjustments to prevent an occurrence.  Since I am in sales, in-and-out of my car most of the day, it is necessary to have strong legs and feet. Thank you Dr. Johnston and staff for what you did and continue to do in my behalf.”

– Billy S

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I have had lower back pain… ~Sue

“I have had lower back pain for years, headaches from my neck hurting. With constant adjustments and therapy, I no longer have pain in my back or headaches. Thanks John and crew.”

– Sue

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After my visits to Dr. Johnston… ~Chris

“After my visits to Dr. Johnston, I feel much less stressed and much more relaxed. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks.”

– Chris

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After years of abuse… ~Patrick

“After years of abuse, my back was starting to feel less than perfect. With constant adjustments by Dr. Johnston, my back feels 110% better.”

– Patrick

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Dr. Johnston has helped both… ~Jaime

“Dr. Johnston has helped both my wife and I without medicine. For once, I can sleep without the aid of medicine, work throughout my day, and come home and not be in pain. So glad we found him. Thanks Dr. Johnston and everyone that works there.”

– Jaime

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My neck sounded like it… ~Darrell

“My neck sounded like it had gravel in it and it bothered me a lot. I feel a lot better now with the adjustments.”

– Darrell